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Hamilton Athletic Trust The Hamilton Tiger-Cat Athletic Trust (operating as the Hamilton Athletic Trust) is one of the two Trusts established in perpetuity when the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Football Club passed into private hands. In the initial Agreement, money and securities were used to set-up the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Football Trust Fund that was devoted specifically to supporting amateur football interests in the community. The remaining surplus ($222,429.00 – roughly one half the total surplus) was relegated to the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Athletic Trust Fund, created in 1961. The Athletic Trust exists to serve a broad spectrum of amateur sports, other than football. Both Funds are administered independently, and both trusts are administered by separate boards of trustees and exist independent of the football club. Since 1961, the capital sum of the Athletic Trust has grown seven-fold while providing 35-50 grant requests annually.

The Mandate

The principle responsibilities set out in the Athletic Trust Agreement of 1961 directs the Trustees to:

  • 1. Hold in trust and invest the capital funds at their disposal with a view toward keeping the principal intact, while making available the yearly earned investment income for charitable purposes, namely, amateur sport.
  • 2. Invite self-sustaining amateur sports clubs, teams, organizations and associations to apply on a yearly basis to the Trust for financial aid in support of their competitive/developmental goals and operating needs.
  • 3. Assess each application received, and dispense grants accordingly as the Trustees in their discretion deem fit. The expectation remains that the above duties shall be performed in a prudent manner, and dedicated to the cause of “fostering, developing, encouraging, and assisting” amateur sports in the Hamilton area.

The Trustees

  • Trish Chant-Sehl, B.Kin, M.H.K. - Chair
  • Jeff Cabral, CPA, CA
  • Greg Maychak, B.P.E.; B.R.L.S.
  • Don Bridgman, B.P.E.
  • Sean R. Casey, B.Comm.,CA, CPA, CIRP.
  • Marco Visentini, B.A.; LL.B.

NOTE: Grant Submission deadline dates are April 30th and October 31st.

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